How To Choose Siding That Enhances The Value Of Your Home

Choosing a siding for your home might seem an easy task to do, but it’s actually something that needs a plan. The right siding will help enhance the value of your home – for future costs. It serves as the protective barrier that maintains the overall health of your walls, and foundations. Salisbury Home Renovations prepared this detailed guide in choose what type of siding is perfect for your home.

Siding Options

Vinyl siding is the most used siding option.  This is because it is inexpensive and can take on the look of just about any other material.  If the exterior of your home is looking really shabby, vinyl is a good option. It is weather-resistant and pest resistant.  You won’t have to worry about vinyl rotting like you would wood or other natural materials. And, it is a low cost. The return on investment with vinyl is around 75%.  Another advantage is that it comes in a huge range of color options to choose from. Fiber Cement is another great siding option.  This option is also resistant to pests and holds up very well with the elements.   Fiber cement can take on the look of wood, which is why some people prefer it. The initial expense to get fiber cement put on a building is far more expensive than that of vinyl.  However, if this is the look you want, you aren’t going to get it any other way. Fiber cement is harder to install and should be done by a professional. It will require specialized tools and skills.  The expected return on investment should be about 80%. Special clothing is worn 

What is the ROI for my siding?

Wood is one of the oldest ways we have sided buildings.  Wood needs protection from the elements but can last a really long time if well maintained.  It will require maintenance to ensure the wood looks its best and stays pest-free. Some people just love the look of wood, however, it does require a lot of maintenance.  You need to ensure that you are up for the challenge. It is also more costly than fiber cement and vinyl. The return on investment is around 75%.   Engineered wood is similar to fiber cement, however, it doesn’t require any special tools or clothing to install.  It is less expensive than natural wood but carries the look of wood. this type of siding can be hard to maintain and often has moisture issues if it is not installed properly.  It is more costly than vinyl but carries a different look that vinyl as well. The ROI on engineered wood siding is actually a bit larger than real wood at 79%. Aluminum siding was the most common siding years ago before vinyl took over the market.  This type of siding is easy to install and has a lot of the properties of vinyl siding. It is a bit stronger than vinyl but it can also dent easily if you live in an area where there are hail storms.  Aluminum siding can be painted and repainted to go with the changing times. It will also need to be repainted about every 10 years as it tends to fade from the sun. The return on investment with aluminum is not that great at around 60%.  It is less expensive than wood but more than vinyl. Steel siding is another option.  This is the most durable out there, but also the most pricey.  It won’t dent like aluminum and offers that industrial look. And it is heavy.   The numbers are out on what the return on investment would be for steel.

It is pretty essential to make a smart move when opting for a siding for your home. Doing so will give you a valuable home that you can benefit within the near future. The best way you can do is to consult the experts to ensure that you’re making the right decision. Visit Salisbury Home Renovations today and have your concerns resolved! 
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