5 Ways To Use Unique Paint Colours In Your Home

A new coat of paint colors change everything. But how will you know if you’re doing it right? Below, we have listed some of the unique ways of adding colors to your home. These are very helpful if you’re clueless about what needs to be done to get the house you’ve been dreaming of. At Salisbury Home Renovations, we got a list of ways from A-Z that can give you the results everyone will admire.

Entry Door

We are seeing a trend these days on people painting their entry door fun colors.  While this is a great place to use unique colors for your home, be sure that the door does go with the siding a bit.  This is a wonderful way to help your entryway be more personalized. Add a nice wreath or some porch decor to really jazz it up even more.  The porch area can be an extension of your home, with a freshly painted door, it will seem more inviting.  

Paint unexpected places

Use unique paint colors to paint in unexpected places.  This could be things such as inside shelving units, to give them a bit of accent.  Maybe bits of the doors of the cabinets or inside the shower enclosure area. These little dashes of color can be a bit bold like lime green and bright pink, without taking over the room entirely.  Maybe pair it with some accent pillows and rug.

Accent wall!

When you have neutral furniture the home can look a bit bland.  However, if you use bold colors in the paint, it can really work to your advantage.  Don’t be afraid of bold colors, especially if you have bland colored furniture. Sure, some people love the Entire room to have Earth tones, but if you aren’t one of them, there is no reason to break out the greens, purples, pinks, and reds that are available on the market.  Not sure about a whole boldly colored room? Why not do just an accent wall? Get bold and try something new for a change! For this, you should use some of the warm paint color tones.  

Accent walls can be a great way to use color but not overpower the room.  You can go with a very warm color such as yellow or a nice cool tone such as purple.  Take a look at your furniture and decide what would look best in your room. Remember, it is only painted and a little bit of time too.  Painting an accent wall doesn’t take up the time that painting the whole room does. So, you can easily change it out when you want to!

Paint the Furniture

Paint the furniture bright fun colors!  Maybe you have bland walls but need to add a splash of color!  There are all kinds of things you can do with this. Paint the chairs for example and leave the table wood.  Or paint the legs of a table to add a little color. This can be a great way to use fun bright colors too! Add accents of bright colors on the furniture for a kids’ room or the dining room.  This is a great way to play with colors.  

Paint color combinations

Fun color combinations can be a great way to improve the look of a room.  There are all kinds of fun color combinations that you can go with. There is teal and purple, green and red, blue and gold, blue and pink and coral and lilac are some fun combinations that can be used throughout the room.  These can be bold hints of color in accents.

Your home deserves a makeover. If there’s any chance you can execute it, just do it! Besides, it’s your home, and you’re the only one who will benefit from it. Adding some colors to your dull walls or furniture will give you a serene vibe that you’ve never felt before. At Salisbury Home Renovations, you’ll get to browse a long list of house renovation services. Visit us now to learn more. 

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